Educational Session

Educational Session

Out of feedback from the 3rd World Congress on Electroporation we understood that newcomers to the field felt that an introduction to electroporation and pulsed field technology prior to the congress would be welcomed. Therefore, we have introduced an educational session with great lecturers and time for discussion. Catarina Merla and Claudia Muratori will be the moderators, and speakers will include Antoni Ivorra (pulsed electric fields), Jim Lyng (food applications), Christian Gusbeth (environmental applications), Gregor Sersa (Biomedical applications), Jim Clover (electrochemotherapy) and Alan Sugrue (cardiac ablation).

Everyone is welcome. The educational session takes place Sunday October 9 from noon to 5 pm, and light lunch will be served. During the coffee break it will be possible to meet with ISEBTT council members.

The Speakers

Jim Clover


Christian Gusbeth

environmental applications

Antoni Ivorra

pulsed electric fields

Jim Lyng

food applications

Gregor Serša

biomedical applications

Alan Sugrue

cardiac ablation