This page lists the exhibitors of the 4th World Congress on Electroporation. More exhibitors will be added soon.


Association for the Advancement of Pulsed Power (A²P²) — a2p2pulsepower.org

Amber Charge, UAB

Behlke Power Electronics GmbH — www.behlke.com

Biotex, SRL — www.biotex.com.ar

Diversified Technologies, Inc. — www.divtecs.com

Eagle Harbor Technologies, Inc. — www.eagleharbortech.com

Energy Pulse Systems, Lda. — www.energypulsesystems.com

Farapulse, Inc. — farapulse.com

HVP High Voltage Products GmbH — hvproducts.de

IGEA, S.p.A. — www.igeamedical.com

Leroy Biotech S.A.S. — leroybiotech.com

Montena Technology SA — www.montena.com

mPOR d.o.o. — www.mpor.eu

VITAVE GmbH — www.vitave.com