As the world congress has been postponed to October 2022, we decided to make two while-we-wait webinars on September 21st and 22nd 2021 which are accessible here.

Webinar I

At WEBINAR I we had three very interesting talks on Food Technology:

Indrawati Oey from New Zealand gave an Overview on standard application on PEF;

Damaris Krust from Germany talked about a study on Cell-death inducing factor released by PEF treatment in Chlorella vulgaris

and finally

Sumiyo Kanafusa from Sweden described a study on The effect of nanosecond pulsed electric field on the production of metabolites from lactic acid bacteria.


After a short break, next subject was Basic Science also with tree very inspiring talks:

Antoni Ivorra from Spain lectured about Avoiding nerve impulses in and by electroporation;

Siqi Guo from USA discussed a study about Nanosecond electric pulses overturn immunosuppression in the tumor microenvironment


Laure Gibot from France described a study on why Cold atmospheric plasma does not stimulate dermal collagen remodeling at tissue scale.

Last subject on the first day of the webinars was on Cardiology where Pierre Jais from France gave a lecture on the subject: PEF for cardiac ablation, why should we be optimistic?

Webinar II

At WEBINAR II there were four inspiring talks on Oncology:

Richard Heller from USA described a study on Effective stimulation of an anti-tumor immune response utilizing gene electrotransfer;

Luca Campana from Italy talked about a study on Electrochemotherapy and immunotherapy in malignant melanoma;

Jim Clover from Ireland gave a lecture on High frequency electroporation and chemotherapy for the treatment of cutaneous malignancies; evaluation of early clinical utility and response


Rasmus Flak from Denmark concluded the Webinar elaborating on the study: Does imaging response after irreversible electroporation correlate with survival in localized pancreatic cancer?